Lighting designed to amaze.

From simple but elegant, right through to complex and amazing, we have the lighting installation expertise to get the job done. LED lighting, interior or exterior, controlled via phone or panel, whatever is your preference we can make that happen for you.


Between the team we have the experience that is need to ensure the job will be done right.


Our team all take pride in what they do, we aren’t a large operation but that means your work will be our focus


We do good work for a fair price, often our customers are pleasantly surprised with their bill.


We stand by our work, no disappearing into the night from us, that you can believe.

Interior lighting

LED lighting is the current best practice for interior lighting in terms of efficiency and durability. Super flexible in application and function; the power of LED lighting really comes in to its own when paired with a smart home system. Adjustable presets for different occasions makes changing the ambience of your home with a single click of a button a reality. Built to last, we only install using top quality wiring and fittings, we are an established and reputable company.

Retrofitting is increasingly becoming more popular as existing homes electrical components begin to degrade. The cost savings and increased levels of control add a new feeling to a somewhat tired home. No matter how crazy the requirements might seem, we have the lights and installation team to get the job completed perfectly.

Exterior lighting

There are plenty of options when it comes to outdoor lighting and we can access more or less all of them. Flood lights to bring a patio to life at night or sensor lights to add another layer of security to a darker corner of your property, we can offer advice and then handle the job from start to finish. Having installed thousands of lights over the last decade, you can rest assured you are indeed in good hands.

We can work alongside an architect or lighting designer, or alternatively design a lighting system for you personally that will really deliver that wow factor. All of our lighting installers are fully qualified and the components we use are of the highest grade, meaning they will last in Auckland’s fairly rough climate.

Control lighting from anywhere

With one of our smart lighting systems, you will be able to adjust every light connected to the system independently directly from your phone. It won’t matter if you are at home or on the other side of the world, it will still function just the same. A lot of our clients like this function as it means if they are away from the home often, they can easily have the lights switch on and off to provide the appearance of someone being home. It is also a great feature for the security conscious, enabling you to turn on every light inside and out with a single click.

The stored preset function also works a treat in terms of quickly establishing a desired setting house wide. Have a dinner party? Turn off the bedroom lighting, turn on the dining room lighting dimmed to a certain setting, fire up the kitchen and patio lighting with a single click. Guest left? Switch back to normal with a single click.

Want lighting that reacts to its environment? We can do that too, sensor detect the levels of lighting in the room and adjust light sources accordingly. Get in touch to discuss your options, whether it is a new build or part of renovation, we are happy to advise.

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