Experienced commercial electricians

Here at Full Voltage Electrical we are all trusted Commercial Electricians based in the Auckland area. Our combined years of experience mean we have more or less seen and done it all. If you are planning a large scale project and need reliable Electricians, you have found your team.


Between the team we have the experience that is need to ensure the job will be done right.


Our team all take pride in what they do, we aren’t a large operation but that means your work will be our focus


We do good work for a fair price, often our customers are pleasantly surprised with their bill.


We stand by our work, no disappearing into the night from us, that you can believe.

Perfect for your next commercial project

Commercial electrical work is an area in which we truly excel. Since our conception in 2009 we have worked on large scale apartment projects, office fit outs, large warehouses, fast food restaurants the list goes on. We have our processes firmly established now and offer a pain free service to the builders we work with.

We offer free quotes on all residential or commercial work and ensure that you are 100% happy with what we have done before we complete the project. Our growth has been through word of mouth and repeat clients, we don’t cut corners and we think that has what has kept us in favour with our clients to date.

Specialist knowledge

We are not your run of the mill commercial Electricians. The high end and large scale projects we have worked on over the years have led us to install and design some pretty intensive electrical systems involving many components that other Electricians likely haven’t heard of (We didn’t before we installed them). Our ability to work through uncertainty is a key factor in our ongoing success.

So whether your project requires a lot of automation work, multiple meters, access cards or basically anything that isn’t quite the run of mill; we are happy to say we will take a look. If we aren’t confident or feel the scale might be a little bit too big we would rather let the work go than do a bad job. Our commercial electricians do love a good challenge though.

Ongoing project?

We have the resources on hand to be able to provide commercial electricians to help with longer term projects such as apartment blocks, subdivisions or any type of project that is going to be done in stage. We are comfortable working to a schedule and ensure we do our utmost to ensure its never us holding up production.

We have also done a lot of work in the fast food sector, working with some of NZ’s biggest chains and doing their electrical work as they have expanded their business through new stores. The repeat business is a clear indicator that when booked to do a job Full Voltage Electrical makes sure that job is completed.