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Cloud technology and smartphones have allowed for huge leaps in home automation technology. Why not make the most of it and have your home controllable from your fingertips? Turn lights on and off, open and close your blinds, control your heating system, pool, outdoor pizza oven – basically, if it runs on electricity we can make it somewhat controllable through your phone.


Between the team we have the experience that is need to ensure the job will be done right.


Our team all take pride in what they do, we aren’t a large operation but that means your work will be our focus


We do good work for a fair price, often our customers are pleasantly surprised with their bill.


We stand by our work, no disappearing into the night from us, that you can believe.

Heating, cooling and ventilation

Home in need of a climate control upgrade? Auckland has some wild weather, everyone knows this, but the inside of your home doesn’t need to be affected. With our heating, cooling and humidity control systems, you can have a warm and dry home, all year round. The intelligent software allows you to set preset times for different functions to occur, allowing you to adjust the temperature house wide with the click of a button, regardless of house size.

From industrial sized air conditioning systems down to a heat pump in an apartment, our team have installed them all. It comes down to what is needed. We have access to great pricing through our suppliers and can arrange a time to pop in, work out what will be needed to cover your entire home and then run you through your options. We don’t use guess work and ensure that every corner of your home will be covered. All products come with great manufacturers warranties.

Blind control

Have a lot of blinds around the house? Perhaps it is getting tougher to get around every morning and night or you simply would love the feeling of letting the morning light into your entire house with the click of a button on your phone. Either way our blind control system will change your life. They are also great for security while you are away; the ability to have your blinds open and close regularly helps provide the impression someone is home.

Simple to use and maintain, we use only the finest motors and software to keep our clients all hassle free. Able to be retrofitted in certain circumstances, if not we can work with you and your curtain provider to make the transition easy.

Pool, spa and appliance control

Get complete control over your pool or spa through your smartphone. Manage temperature, take water level readings and get an insight into how much electricity is being used. All of these features we can make happen.

The same can be said for external ovens; we can have it so you can monitor the temperature from your phone, ensuring a perfect cook everytime (Chef permitting.) Anything that is running through electricity we can have setup so it can be turned on or off via the one application on your phone. Save electricity with grouped switch off presets and get far more insight into what areas in your home are costing you the most to run.

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