Home automation done right

The technology is already here; so why not make the most of it? Get in touch with the team at Full Voltage today to discuss your home automation options. Whether you have a new build or are considering a home automation system as part of a renovation, the benefits of having one installed are clear from day one and we have the right team to ensure it all works correctly.


Between the team we have the experience that is need to ensure the job will be done right.


Our team all take pride in what they do, we aren’t a large operation but that means your work will be our focus


We do good work for a fair price, often our customers are pleasantly surprised with their bill.


We stand by our work, no disappearing into the night from us, that you can believe.

A completely customisable system built for your needs

For the large part, every home is different and every homeowner has different needs. All of our home automation systems are built from the ground up to ensure you aren’t paying for things you don’t require. With this said, it is also important to ensure the systems are scalable to cope with future additions and updates. We only use trusted suppliers to ensure these are mitigated for our clients.

We offer free quotes on all home automation work and ensure that you are 100% happy with what we have done before we complete the project. If you aren’t too sure what it is you actually require (eg. Not sure what can be automated) we are always happy to offer our advice where we can.

Lights, curtains, taps & more

The technology behind home automation systems has come leaps and bounds in the last few years. This married with the entrance of the internet of things means now more than ever it is both a smart time to invest and more cost effective than ever to do so.

Automation now encompasses multi room entertainment, heating and cooling systems, comfort assistance and security. The idea being you can include what you like and leave out what you don’t need. We have solutions available for both indoor and outdoor areas, from smaller homes through to larger buildings.

Operate anywhere technology

With our home automation technology, it won’t matter whether you are in the same room as the thing you want to alter or on the other side of the world. Everything connected to the system can be altered with your phone through an ultra secure, cloud based application. Our clients love this for when they are away from their homes. The stored preset functionality allows them to set a holiday mode, which will switch off all unnecessary electrical items until switched back to normal mode. This way it’s easy to save the electricity without defrosting the freezer at the same time.

With frequent updates to the software all done wirelessly, the functionality of your system has the potential to improve over time without any additional hardware being needed. Pretty clever stuff.

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