Top quality security installers

Here at Full Voltage we are proud to have been called the security installers for some of the more complex residential and business security systems in the country. We are completely on the pulse of the technology and waste no time on delivering the latest and greatest to our customers.


Between the team we have the experience that is need to ensure the job will be done right.


Our team all take pride in what they do, we aren’t a large operation but that means your work will be our focus


We do good work for a fair price, often our customers are pleasantly surprised with their bill.


We stand by our work, no disappearing into the night from us, that you can believe.

A security system for every need

It is never a foolish idea to look after the belongings which you have earnt the right to call your own. Neary every new home being built has a security system to some extent built in; with many existing homeowners now realising the relatively low cost of installation thanks to technology increases. The three main reasons for doing this are protection from intruders, protection from burglary and to lower insurance costs due to less perceived risk.

Having worked on systems ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand; our consultant will be able to offer advice and options to suit your budget. We pride ourselves on delivering only what is needed to solve an issue, allowing the best possible use of our clients money.

CCTV that is always recording and streamable anywhere

Camera systems have been around for a long time, but were often too costly for the average person to consider. Times have now changed and you can have a top quality system put in place by one of our security installers for a fraction of what it would have cost you only 5 years ago.

Our systems give you total peace of mind with the knowledge they can be set to be constantly recording and viewed from anywhere, at anytime, via a web browser or smartphone. There are a range of systems to suit various budgets and we always ensure our customers are comfortable operating the software prior to leaving them to it.

Alarms, electronic access and more

Our security installers are capable of delivering anything from a simple burglar alarm through to a fully integrated security system that utilises retina and fingerprint technology. We have access to some of the best brands in the business and ensure we are constantly upskilling in terms of the latest technology and software. It really just comes down to the your needs and what is required to cover them.

Get in touch with one of our team today to book a no obligation consultation with one of our security installers. An on site visit is ideal but if not a possibility working off plans is fine too, we will assess your unique situation and then walk you through your options.

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